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Class Descriptions

The number of classes required per week varies for each group. Students will be assessed individually for readiness of pointe work when they reach Level 3 or higher and are consistently taking a minimum of 3 technique classes per week.

We also offer additional classes for more advanced dancers to build their technical and artistic understanding of the art form.


Offered by invitation only at the teachers discretion. Students must take minimum of 3 technique classes per week to be eligible for pointe work.


This class explores dances from classical and contemporary ballets. Variations will be taken on pointe.


Russian character

Pas de Deux



Levels 3-5

Ballet Conditioning

Levels 2-5


PreBallet: Ages 3-5

This class places an emphasis on challenging the childs imagination, heightening awareness of the the body and how it moves through space and the relationship to others who share that space. The class will also add basic classical ballet positions and motions.


Ballet 1

This class works towards developing attention span, participation, self-discipline, proper conduct in class as well as body consciousness. More ballet positions will be added at the barre and in center.


Upper Division: Ballet 2-5

The upper division of SMBT begins our more structured level of classes. All new students must take a placement class. There are 4 levels in our upper division and each group will follow a set syllabus to maximize the students progress. Students can expect to spend at least 1 year, sometimes 2 in each group until all elements of the syllabus are mastered. Students are allowed to progress at their own pace which ensures training is individualized.